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Hatchet 3 was the horror film of the Hatchet trilogy. It chronicles Victor Crowley's ongoing adventures through Louisiana's Honey Island Swamp, as in addition to his brutal murderous rampage. The film features Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley, Brian Quinn as Deputy Winslow, as well as Rileah Vanderbilt as Misty.

The film's special effects are its biggest strengths. Hatchet 3 is a modern horror film that heavily relies on CG effects. Hatchet 3 focuses mainly on realistic makeup effects and sets. The result is terrifying scenes.

The cast delivers a solid performance and Kane Hodder standing out as the most intimidating villain. The dialogue is hilarious and clever enough to make it seem like an 80s slasher film. Additionally, there are several (blog post) hilarious moments throughout that offer some humor in the midst of the terrifying action.

Unfortunately, because the budget is extremely small (reportedly $1 million) the majority of locations used that are featured in the movie are reused locations from earlier films in the series. For instance, the exact boathouse location was featured twice within the movie. A lot of the locations feel like they were reused from previous films in this franchise. The Hatchet and Hatchet 2 films may feel like it's a familiar film.

Overall, Hatchet 3 was enjoyable, even though it felt like the previous installments within the series. It provided lots of gory thrills as well as entertaining performances by the actors.

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